Hapsah! Modeler

Write smart apps in your own words

Hapsah is the development platform that allows you to write fully functional smart apps in your own words. Write deploy and test your app in minutes in one seamless flow.

Innovate at the speed of light

With our flexible Hapsah platform, you can have the first iteration of your app running within minutes. Each change you make based on customer feedback, can be implemented within minutes. And all without needing any technical developer in your team. Pure business innovation at the speed of light. This will facilitate your growth for now and in the future.


Click on Write in the menu to start writing your app.


Click on Manage in the menu to manage the workspace of your app.

Go to app

Click on the Go to app button in the menu to test your app instantly. From your app, you can always instantly switch back to the modeler by clicking on the Go to modeler button.